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My name is Candy Costas, my mother’s name was Ginger.  Throughout my life to her passing in 2004 she shared her very strong opinions and beliefs on everything from fashion to cooking to home decorating to marriage and child rearing.  The list goes on and on…..Like most mother-daughter relationships, we did not always see eye to eye, and as a grown woman there were many times when I wished she would keep her opinions to herself.  Many times.

Well, well, well.

Here I am, now in my mid-fifties, in what I consider to be the best years of my life so far – often recognizing the influence of this firecracker of a mother.  She was a traditional stay at home mom with a style and personality that did not go unnoticed.  Her “lessons” did not go unnoticed either.

In my current day to day life I often feel that I am exploding with excitement about the many nuances of fashion and living a full life.  My intention for this blog is to share this excitement through my own ideas, experiences, and good finds.  (Some of these would be highly approved by Ginger, others not so much!)

I hope you will find it enjoyable, helpful, and life enriching.




Candy Costas


  1. Hi Candy! I just enjoyed reading your blog! I loved it and I think you have and will have lots of info that will inspire women! Good luck! Happy blogging!

  2. Candy, this is wonderful. I love it. I have bookmarked you and will check back periodically. And I love the name of your blog…I have such fond memories of your mother who I adored. Don’t now where you get the time to keep up a blog and keep up your fitness regimen and work full time. Hats off to you my friend (hats…a potential blog entry!).

  3. Love the coat. Love the blog.
    Love you. You amaze me and are my inspiration. As a plus size woman, Ive always been afraid of fashion. After losing 140 pounds I’m trying to embrace it but find I still cover and hide my body. One day,(after my back surgery) I hope to gather with you and hopefully your beautiful daughter, and have you guide me into fashion…on a budget!
    Love you. So proud of you
    Lisa Astbury

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