Simply Elegant

Take two simple basics, add a fun belt, and you can go just about anywhere! And when the color combo is black and beige, there’s a fundamental elegance that can’t be beat. Let’s start with this sweater – it’s merino wool, found years ago at French Lessons in Concord…it can be worn completely off the shoulder, or more conservatively, as seen here…you might be wondering about bra straps? I just pushed them a bit to the side so they don’t show…

The skirt is a polyester crinkly satin by Vince…it can be worn year round in so many different ways – dressed up with sexy high heels, business casual with boots, or super casual with sneakers and a tee…it’s also a great travel piece because it is light as a feather!

What turned this outfit into a ‘wow’ for me was adding this belt – not a black belt, not a leopard belt, not a skinny tan belt, but a casual, western style belt that makes a statement and balances the dressier fabric of the skirt…belts are one of my favorite accessories, so I am always on the hunt for unique ones – found this at Revolve last year; I loved the color, the brass rings, and that the brand was Barney’s, so not too common…

Even the back has a ring! (Might seem odd, but it actually contributes to the comfortable fit.)

You knew this was coming – gotta add a scarf! Any one of my leopard or plaid scarves would have worked, but I went with the ol’ classic. When it’s perfect, why try anything else? 😉

Speaking of perfect, it was a cold, rainy day – perfect for my Candy Costas raincoat! It certainly is living up to my specifications – stay dry, be warm, look glamorous!

By the end of the day the rain had tapered off to a light drizzle, so my trusty beret went on to stay toasty…here I am, finally at home, yet not quite finished with work for the day…needed a bit more time on the computer…

The hours flew by, and before I knew it hubby was home and I was still sitting at my laptop in my work clothes…Hi honey! Yeah, I’m hungry, let’s go out!

Now – if you follow my blog you know that one of my mottos is, “Life is too short for one outfit a day.” Well, I do live by this 99% of the time, but – not on this particular day – “Let’s just go!”, I said, and off we went.

Simple day to evening transition: Off went the scarf and off the shoulders went the sweater!

Maybe a new motto should be “When you really love your outfit you should stay in it as long as possible!” Hahaha!

Which motto suits YOU best???

Candy Costas

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